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HEATHER K, Freeland, WA

The community water was BROWN!!!! [Whidbey Water Filters] to the rescue! With both the whole house ozone system and the compressed carbon block system at the kitchen sink the tap is clear and beautiful! Finally we are able to safely drink the tap water. Completely satisfied! Would highly recommend [Whidbey Water Filters]!

GREG M, Clinton, WA

Dean has a good personality,

easy to work with.

JESSE EPP, Coupeville, WA

Whidbey Water Filters is great! Dean is very knowledgeable; he made a tremendous effort to make sure the system and installation was the right fit and finish for my family and home.

The ECOsmarte water system is fantastic! The water is palatable right from the tap without additional filtering; hard water stains and build-up are drastically reduced. The system pays for itself in the cost of chemicals / minerals that need to be added to other systems, as well as the benefits to major appliances which improve their operation and life.

Thank you Dean!

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