System Comparisons



Below are three whole-house chemical-free technologies available for oxidizing dissolved minerals and treating water on Whidbey, and one chemical injection system using chlorine or peroxide.


In order of cost, compressed air is the least expensive and the least effective, chemical injection is a mid-range price and treats most things, ozone is 100% effective, powerful and chemical-free but sometimes other systems must be added, and oxygen is 100% effective and all-inclusive. Although the initial cost of the oxygen system is the highest, the long-term costs are the lowest. Add to the equipment prices the cost of shipping, set-up, plumbing, extra parts, and sales tax.


The oxygen system has the most advantages. It is salt-free, quiet, and low-maintenance, and it eliminates iron, manganese, sulfur, hardness, chemicals, bacteria, and even arsenic — all the problems we have here on the island — for the lowest long-term price. Unlike the other technologies, if any additional systems are required, the oxygen system includes them all at no additional charge.


Comparison Chart

Maintenance Requirements

​Five Effective Water Treatment Options

             There are several ways to remove iron and other undesirable elements from water. Details are available at

  • Green sand and straight filtration methods are semi-effective, but do not remove everything, and they will not kill iron bacteria.

  • Chlorine and other forms of chemical injection work, but involve the use, handling and purchase of toxic chemicals.

  • Aeration alone can be effective, but the percentage of oxygen in air is small. Aeration, with the addition of ozone, is significantly more effective; this is the method used with the iron breaker.

  • Ozone is highly effective, and a pure ozone system will remove chemicals, minerals, sulfur smells, and will kill iron bacteria. (Additional systems cost extra, such as treatment for tannin, hardness, pH, arsenic, silica, etc.)

  • Oxygen systems are by far the most effective; the ECOSmarte oxygen system will remove everything at the lowest long-term cost and with the least amount of on-going maintenance. (Any additional systems required are included at no extra cost.)


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