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New Standard in Water Quality

The ECOsmarte Well Water Turbo System brings state-of-the-art electronic ionization, chemical-free, titanium oxidation and multimedia filtration into your home, representing a new standard in water quality. This system replaces water softeners, iron filters, chemical feeders, taste and odor filters and other water treatment methods. The ECOsmarte system creates premium water quality while still preserving the copper, calcium and magnesium minerals that are vital to your health. Unlike some water purification systems, the ECOsmarte system is not limited in the amount of water it can treat and it does not restrict, limit or otherwise reduce the supply of water available. 

ECOsmarte ionization and oxygenation protects your plumbing and fixtures. Ionization prevents minerals from forming hard scale by electrically charging the minerals so they cannot bind together. It converts calcium to calcium bicarbonate to keep it soft. The system dissolves the existing scale in your pipes, water heater, appliances and plumbing fixtures.  The greatest causes of plumbing equipment and appliance failure are problems caused by scale and corrosion. With the ECOsmarte system, these problems are eliminated, reducing the maintenance and prolonging the life of appliances as small as coffee makers and as large as dishwashers and water heaters. 

The ECOsmarte system creates charged particles called ions. Mineral ions are safe and essential for humans, plants and animals, but are lethal to bacteria, algae and some viruses. The mineral ions stop bacteria and algae from colonizing in your plumbing when water is not in use. The ECOsmarte copper ionization process is proven to control many bacteria to a greater degree than chlorine.

With no equal in point-of-entry water treatment technology, the ECOsmarte system treats water from wells, cisterns or surface water, and is custom-designed to meet the needs of every application. Source water is tested to determine its contents and the type of treatment necessary to exceed EPA/ETL standards.

Immediately after purchasing the system, the homeowner receives a water test kit, which contains instructions on how the water samples are to be taken. The homeowner sends the samples via UPS Next-Day-Air, prepaid, to the National Testing Labs in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It takes NTL 7-10 days to test the water for over 150 chemicals, metals and other contaminants. This is one of the most comprehensive water tests available to the general public. The results of the test report are sent directly to the ECOsmarte technicians in Minnesota. Based on the concentration and the types of contaminants found in the water sample, the technicians design a custom water purification system that will far exceed the standards for drinking water established by the EPA.

This system includes one contact tank, two filtering tanks, an electronic controller, an ionization chamber, and oxidation chamber, electronic backwash control heads, and media for the tanks. This system is an approved alternative in chloride ban areas, and touts zero salt, zero chlroine, zero chemicals, and zero iron. 


In summary, the ECOsmarte system produces a quality and volume of water at a cost not obtainable with a reverse osmosis system. The systems also provide bacterial protection that no water softener can deliver. It treats all of your water -- hot and cold, indoor and outdoor -- with no consumables, and with minimal maintenance for at least five years.

Additions and Exceptions


A custom-designed system starts with the basic ECOsmarte system, which usually is sufficient for most applications. However, if the water is tested unusually high (above acceptable standards) for certain contaminants, additional components will be included with the basic system at no additional charge. For example, if the water tests high in arsenic, then an arsenic tank and media will follow the GAC tank. If the water tests high in tannin, then a chlorine injector would be included with the system; the injector would be installed between the titanium chamber and the contact tank. For extremely acidic water, which is rare, a pH stabilizer might be necessary. Other water treatment companies charge extra for additional systems; with ECOsmarte, extra systems are provided at no additional charge because the ECOsmarte system is customized and guaranteed to remove all contaminants. 


Additional components are included for free with the ECOsmarte system, with two exceptions. ECOsmarte will not pay for a water softener or a reverse osmosis system. Why not?

  • Water Softener: 

    • Disadvantages: Water softeners require the addition of salt, which ionizes the calcium and magnesium. The results are the feeling of "soft" water, so that it feels what some people call slimy, as if soap cannot rinse off the skin. The salt remains in the water, so that end users actually drink the salt, even though the flavor is subtle. After backwashing the spent salt onto the same place on the ground for over twenty years, the ground becomes sterile in that area such that plants cannot grow there. 

    • Advantages: The ECOsmarte system is a salt-free system up to a certain point. Instead of "softening" the water, it "conditions" the water. It puffs up the calcium into a powder so that it cannot stick to the sides of the pipe walls and will not leave white stains on the house fixtures. This powder is safe and hardly noticeable, and can be easily wiped away if necessary. However, if the hardness level of the water is unusually high, like over 250 parts, then white deposits become noticeable. Some people would rather live with the white powder than to live with salt in the water, but there is a point at which the hardness becomes intolerable. At this point, a water softener must be purchased and installed for an additional expense. Whether or not this will be necessary will be known once the water test results are received.

  • Reverse Osmosis

    • The ECOsmarte system will produce water as safe and clean as a reverse osmosis system. Consequently, the installation of a reverse osmosis system is redundant.

    • However, if a water softener is installed and no one wants to drink salt, then a reverse osmosis system at the kitchen sink would remove that salt from the water.

  • Iron Bacteria

    • If iron bacteria is detected, then an extra step must be taken. Iron bacteria usually shows up on the report as mild, moderate, or aggressive. This bacteria grows in the well. Oxidizing it will aggravate it and make it worse. This means that when the iron bacteria comes in contact with oxygen or ozone, this slimy yellow/orange/brown residue gets even worse: it coats the pipes and is not good to consume. 

    • The most effective way to treat aggressive iron bacteria is to shock the well once every six months by pouring one gallon of chlorine for every 100' of well depth into the well head.

    • For mild to moderate iron bacteria, a chlorine injector will treat it.  

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